South Africa puts nuclear on hold

The South African Department of Energy has reported through its revised projections of electricity demand that new nuclear power will not be required until after 2025 or even later.

The country is likely to take on other power sources, according to the updated version of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for electricity, such as regional hydro and shale gas. 

The IRP is a 20-year plan that models demand and supply of electricity and plans for generation needs. Nuclear was seen as highly expensive compared to other available resources, however less than expected power demand is also playing a role in the latest projections.

According to a report by South Africa’s Business Day Live, news that the nuclear procurement is to be delayed will be welcomed by the National Planning Commission (NPC), which has cautioned against committing to an 'expensive and irreversible' nuclear programme, particularly when electricity demand has not grown in line with expectations.

In 2012,South African utility Eskom confirmed its plans to move forward with a 1200MW nuclear new build programme. Since shelving developments back in 2008, the project was in mid-2012 in the planning stages and tenders were expected be announced from the end of 2012. - See more at: