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China dominates reactor connections, Russia leads export market

Sep 25, 2019

WNA Report says of nine reactors connected to the grid in 2018, seven were in China.

WNA report highlights strong performance of older nuclear plants

Sep 11, 2019

Consistently high capacity being achieved at plants celebrating 50 years of operation.

Rolls-Royce group wins funding as UK SMR race gathers pace

Sep 11, 2019

Competition from Canada to build first SMR increases pressure on design competition.

Global First Power enters Stage 3 of CNL SMR programme

Aug 29, 2019

GFP's design is first to enter environmental assessment, having passed rigorous due diligence requirements.

NuScale outlines ‘challenges’ faced in meeting NRC regulations on SMR design

Aug 6, 2019

NuScale sought exemptions to tackle hurdles in licensing process for its passive technology.

High-power SYLOS laser could 'transmute' nuclear waste

Aug 5, 2019

Nobel Prize-winning professor says waste could be made safe in matter of hours.

First all-digital nuclear reactor system installed in U.S.

Jul 18, 2019

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has licensed Purdue University Reactor Number One (PUR-1) as the first entirely digital nuclear reactor instrumentation and control system in the...

Composite Structural Technology “industry-changing” for safety, economies

Jul 17, 2019

Moltex Energy is entering the U.S. market after receiving funding for research into structural composites that could reduce SSR construction schedules to 24 months and provide “...

Quicker, cheaper decommissioning promised by rise of the robots

Jul 3, 2019

AI and VR advancements take robotic solutions to a new level

Digital twin technology identified as key to increased safety and efficiency

Jul 3, 2019

Digital twinning gaining traction in nuclear plant operation.


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