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Japan’s first reactor restart spurs rising O&M outlook

Sep 23, 2015

Kyushu Electric Power’s successful restart of the 890–MW Sendai-1 nuclear reactor has been swiftly followed by fuel loading at Sendai 2 and analysts forecast six Japanese reactors...

Banks call for UK suppliers to tap deep funding support

Aug 27, 2015

Banks from the UK’s public and private sectors have called for more small and medium-sized UK companies to submit loan proposals as the UK nuclear sector prepares for major financing...

NuScale, NRC tackle key SMR design certification points ahead of 2016 filing

Jul 20, 2015

More than 600 employees and contractors are now engaged in a "gigantic" project to complete the design and certification process for NuScale's first plant to be...

North America's private sector invests over $1 bil in new high-spec plants

Jul 15, 2015

Nuclear power’s competitiveness is set to hike as a new generation of industry experts and investors prepare to commercialize advanced nuclear technology, Third Way, a centrist public...

German operators seek gov’t plan on waste storage as they cost up shutdowns

Jun 12, 2015

The German government needs to resolve uncertainties over the final storage of nuclear waste as this remains the key challenge for operators, Ralf Gueldner, Chief Operating Officer of...

Suppliers collaborate, develop data products in battle against obsolete parts

Jun 12, 2015

Nuclear suppliers are working more closely together to resolve the obsolescence of older parts, offering new supply solutions through data services and reverse engineering.

Nuclear suppliers must optimise resources amid limited markets

May 12, 2015

Nuclear industry suppliers in Europe and US must improve the management of their resources between projects as they respond to increased domestic competition in the Chinese market,...

US plants show record efficiency in extreme weather conditions

Apr 30, 2015

Nuclear power is proving its value and reliability in difficult weather conditions. US nuclear power plants ran at record high efficiency rates in 2014, at 91.7% of capacity, according...

Decommissioning sector calls for robust costing models

Apr 16, 2015

While each decommissioning site’s costs and requirements are bespoke, the costing models should be more flexible and universal so that tenders can be more competitive and stakeholders...

Public consultations boost decommissioning project support across US

Apr 16, 2015

Seventeen nuclear plants across the United States are undergoing decommissioning. Polls indicate that greater engagement between nuclear operators and state-wide communities are...


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