China shows interest in Westinghouse’s $20bn nuclear deal

Westinghouse Electric Co. believes it could be close to a $20 billion deal with China, according to the company’s president and CEO Danny Roderick.

By Eileen Donaghey

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that after a 21 July meeting with Chinese government nuclear leaders, Roderick was given the impression that China wants to commission 26 more plants using Westinghouse technology.

Discussions about the new plants were still preliminary, Roderick said, adding that China would be ready to make a decision as soon as the company shows the final plan on completing its AP1000 reactors in Sanmen.

Westinghouse is building two of its first four AP1000 reactors in Sanmen, on China’s eastern coast. Although the units were scheduled to go online in late 2013, they have been delayed twice due to post-Fukushima safety inspections as well as for technical reasons. Roderick said Westinghouse will be able to finish Sanmen Unit 1 by the end of 2015.