New Build

US AP1000 projects advance on revamped EPC terms

Feb 23, 2016

New contractor structures should provide fresh impetus to the delayed Vogtle and V.C. Summer new build projects as the stakeholders look to improve efficiencies in the modular...

UK Hinkley Point C director quits; US senators agree reactor R&D support

Feb 7, 2016

Nuclear power news you need to know.

South Africa analyzes new build bids as global markets bite

Jan 26, 2016

International vendors such as Russia's Rosatom are stressing the social and economic benefits of a new nuclear fleet in South Africa as the power-hungry country reviews state...

US set for 80-year lifespans; South Africa invites new plant bids

Jan 12, 2016

Nuclear power news you need to know.

NuGen’s UK Moorside land deal delivers new build synergies with Sellafield: CEO

Aug 30, 2015

The proven deployment and modular construction of the US-built AP1,000 reactor make it an excellent fit for the 3.4 GW Moorside plant and NuGen can use infrastructure from nearby...


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